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On Sunday, 22 July 2018 at 22:07:00 UTC, Mike Franklin wrote:
The software should be efficient enough to use on embedded systems like https://github.com/JinShil/stm32f42_discovery_demo  Under that constraint, you'd probably want to try to accomplish the task with the -betterC-like subset of the language (https://dlang.org/spec/betterc.html).  That being said, there's no reason the software couldn't be used on a PC with resources to spare, and it would probably be easier to do the development on a PC and just verify the implementation on an microcontroller periodically.

I, myself, don't have much experience in graphics, so I don't know if I'd be a very good mentor, but if you have any questions about the goal or use case for the project, let me know.

Thank you for the suggestion. Previously I interned at a VR company and had some experiences writing code related to graphics, but I don't have any experience on embedded system programming, so I was wondering that do I need to buy a microcontroller or just testing it on PC would be enough? If it's the former one, could you give some suggestions on the starter kit?

Based upon the repository linked:


As long as it has a touch screen, programmer (ST-LINK) and STM32F429I chip on board, you should be good to go for those instructions.

Of course that isn't a cheap board, and you may want to put some work into instead of paying for it ready to go, and get one of the blue pill (stm32f104) boards ($10 will cover programmer + board, another $10 for touch screen).

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