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> Bartosz Milewski is a C++ programmer and a Haskell fan. He once gave a
> presentation at NWCPP where he wrote a few lines of Haskell code.
> Then, he showed the same code written using C++ template
> metaprogramming.
> The Haskell bits in the C++ code were highlighted in red. It was like
> a sea of grass with a shrubbery here and there. Interestingly, by
> comparing the red dots in the C++ code with the Haskell code, you
> could understand what the C++ was doing. Without the red highlighting,
> it was a hopeless wall of < > :-)

I don't know Haskell, but I've worked with Scheme (another Lisp dialect
/ derivative) a little, and sometimes I feel like the core of my logic
is little bits of shrubbery lost in an ocean of parentheses. :-P


I don't trust computers, I've spent too long programming to think that they can 
get anything right. -- James Miller

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