Tim M <> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Version|1.045                       |2.031
            Summary|Forward reference of nested |Forward reference of nested
                   |class fails if outer class  |class fails if outer class
                   |is abstract or derived      |is not plain

--- Comment #5 from Tim M <>  2009-07-14 23:56:01 PDT ---
Stewart Gordon if you want to be a bugzilla cop can you please take care.

You changed the subject name but is not quite correct. The abstract keyword can
be replaced with many other keywords like public, protected, private etc. The
problem is that you can only forward reference to a nested class within a plain
outer class. I will update the summary.

You also changed the version to 1.045. I am reverting it back to 2.031 as this
has the most up to date forward reference implementation and is also the
version dnet(the software that this issue is for) is currently based on.

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