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--- Comment #7 from Robert Clipsham <> 2010-03-30 
02:03:55 BST ---
The patch I created works for a selection of cases, and fixes the bug mentioned
in the bug report, however there are a lot of extremely related issues which it
doesn't fix. I've written a preliminary patch which does fix the other issues,
unfortunately it causes the debug info output to be incorrect, so it needs more
work. The current patch removes the DW_AT_type from the pointer, but to
function properly it should remove the DW_AT_type from the function. This is
rather difficult to do, as the function does not know its parent type, so
cannot know if it is a function pointer and therefore needs to leave out the
DW_AT_type. The current patch I'm working on adds another argument to
dwarf_typidx() to specify it, it seems a bit hacky though. If anyone has a
better idea of how to check if the function's parent type is a pointer, please
let me know :)

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