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--- Comment #6 from Jacob Carlborg <> 2010-04-07 13:08:02 PDT ---
I have no experiences of DLLs but here are my experiences on converting Tango
to a dynamic library on Mac OS X. Don't know if any of this would work on

Comment 1
An option to build as an dynamic library would be nice

Comment 2
The way I solved the problems here was to declare the D main function as a weak
symbol in a C file. The module constructors are handled by looping through all
loaded images (binaries, dynamic libraries) and collect the module info arrays.
Then combining all the arrays into one and running all the module constructors.
The same is done with the exception handling tables.

The following have I not done yet, but I hope it will work:
In a C file, declare a function to be a module initializer that initializes the
D runtime if no D main function is present.

Don't know if this helps anything.

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