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(In reply to comment #4)
> Please yebblies, you are doing a good work, but be generally more careful
> before closing issues. If Lars Ivar Igesund isn't around now (this was from
> 2007!) to look at this bug report he may not open an enhancement request!
> Creating bug report is a lot of work, they often contain important usability
> insights even when they are "wrong". Some times it does less harm to keep them
> open than to close them by mistake.

Bugzilla is not a sanctuary for ideas.  It is a list of issues with the
language to be fixed, and possible enhancements to be either incorporated into
the language or rejected.

Closing a bug report that is invalid does not do harm to anything, the
information is still there, the marking is accurate, and the people who might
want to propose something similar as a language change are notified (the
reporter is emailed, and a notification is posted to the digitalmars.D.bugs

I don't think anything you've said is a good reason to clutter up bugzilla by
leaving an old, invalid bug report open.

That being said, I am careful about closing issues.  There is no valid bug
anywhere in this report.  As far as I know this is not a commonly reported
complaint nor is there any proposal that would change this behavior.  It's
simply invalid.

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