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> I agree with Bearophile.  Moreover, as I see it, a hole in the deprecation
> system constitutes a bug, just as most of us seem to agree that a hole in the
> const/immutable system (of which there are many) constitutes a bug.

To quote the spec:
> It is often necessary to deprecate a feature in a library, yet retain it for
> backwards compatibility. Such declarations can be marked as deprecated, which 
> > means that the compiler can be set to produce an error if any code refers to
> deprecated declarations

Where is the code referring to a deprecated declaration?

> (In reply to comment #5)
> > Bugzilla is not a sanctuary for ideas.  It is a list of issues with the
> > language to be fixed, and possible enhancements to be either incorporated 
> > into
> > the language or rejected.
> How is this not an issue with the language to be fixed?

The compiler behaves as described in the spec.

> If it isn't an issue with the language to be fixed, how is it not a possible
> enhancement to be either incorporated into the language or rejected?

What is the requested enhancement?  Please, write one up.  There isn't one
anywhere in this report.

> > That being said, I am careful about closing issues.  There is no valid bug
> > anywhere in this report.  As far as I know this is not a commonly reported
> > complaint 
> Commonness of reporting is not a criterion for the validity of a bug.

No, but I find it a good metric for finding behavior that is bug prone or
confusing, and might be worth considering an enhancement request for.

> > nor is there any proposal that would change this behavior.  It's
> > simply invalid.
> No it isn't.
> And even those that are invalid should, where it makes sense to do so, have
> their levels changed to "enhancement" rather than just closed.

I would have done that if it made sense to do so.

The compiler works as described in the spec within the case in this report. 
Walter has clarified that this is intentional, and therefore not a bug.  If you
think the spec and the design of D are not what they should be, that is by
definition an enhancement.  So please, write one up.

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