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> (In reply to comment #8)
>> I agree with Bearophile.  Moreover, as I see it, a hole in the deprecation
>> system constitutes a bug, just as most of us seem to agree that a hole in the
>> const/immutable system (of which there are many) constitutes a bug.
> To quote the spec:

The spec is in itself a place where bugs may exist.  Indeed, it's where many of
the bugs in const/immutable are or have been.

>> It is often necessary to deprecate a feature in a library, yet 
>> retain it for backwards compatibility. Such declarations can be 
>> marked as deprecated, which > means that the compiler can be set 
>> to produce an error if any code refers to deprecated declarations
> Where is the code referring to a deprecated declaration?

class Foo : Bar {
It's an indirect reference, but it's still essentially there.

(In reply to comment #9)
> Walter has clarified that this is intentional, and therefore not a 
> bug.

Where and how?

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