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PDT ---
Well, I don't think that the feature adds enough of value to be worth adding to
the language. But it's not my decision. Discussion on the matter can help
influence Walter's decision, but it's ultimately his decision.

And at this point, I think that it's pretty much a guarantee that he's not
going to add a feature like this any time soon. That doesn't mean that he'd be
forever against it, but he's got a lot on his plate right now, and unless a
feature solves a real problem in the language which makes doing things hard or
impossible, or it fixes a major inconsistency in the language, it's unlikely
that Walter would implement it any time soon. He's just too busy, and at this
point, most of the work on dmd is going towards stabilizing it and fixing any
rough edges on the language itself which need to be fixed for D to be fully
usable (one example was the adding of purity inference; without it, pure was
essentially useless with templates, so Walter added it). At some point in the
future, if he thought that this feature was worth adding he might add it
(particularly since it doesn't break backwards compatibility), but it's just
not going to happen right now.

The only chance that this has of being implemented right now is if someone else
implements it and creates a pull request for it. If someone does that, and
Walter thinks that the feature is worth having, then it could be added. But if
no one else takes the time to implement it, or if Walter doesn't like the
feature, and you can't convince him otherwise, it's not going to be implemented
any time soon.

Unless someone closes this feature request (which isn't likely to happen unless
you decide to do it), it'll stick around for quite a while, and maybe Walter
will eventually implement it. But you're probably going to have to wait a

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