--- Comment #12 from 2011-08-06 18:16:24 PDT ---
> This is not a competition or a game, it's a conversation :-)
> What you have to do is find justifications for adding ref/out at the calling 
> point, you don't have to find proofs that some other parts of the D language 
> are useless or badly designed (doing this too is useful, but if you want to 
> suggest the removal of some D feature, you need to open enhancement requests 
> for each of them, explain there why, and probably in newsgroup threads too).

It looks like you missed my point.

I was NOT trying to point out flaws in D. Rather, I was telling /John/ that,
unlike his presumption, I _don't_ oppose something simply because I doesn't
like it.

It had nothing to do with my original argument.

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