--- Comment #13 from Jonathan M Davis <> 2011-08-06 19:47:18 
PDT ---
A feature needs to add real value to the language to be worth adding. I don't
see value in this proposal. Hence why I'm against it. It's as simple as that.

The _only_ things that this feature adds over using a comment, e.g.

func(/*ref*/ var);

are that it's slightly cleaner because the comment tokens aren't there, and the
compiler complains if you put ref on an argument which isn't passed by ref.
That's it. Due to the fact that it's optional, you can't rely on it at all,
because there's no guarantee that the lack of ref on a function argument means
that that argument isn't being passed by ref.

It seems to me that you ( are taking my dislike for your
feature request personally. And I'm sorry if you feel that way (maybe you don't
but it at least looks like you do). But that's not how my responses are
intended. I'm purely looking at the feature request and what it would or
wouldn't add to the language. And I oppose this idea, because I don't think
that it really adds anything to the language, and adding it would simply
further complicate an already complicated language - not to mention make any
code that used it harder to read IMHO.

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