--- Comment #9 from Jonathan M Davis <> 2012-03-11 15:12:49 
PDT ---
Okay. It seems to me that this is getting a bit ridiculous. Phobos doesn't
support Extendend ASCII _anywhere_. Its support of ASCII-specific stuff is
already minimal. So, to set up a string function to take a string which is
_completely_ invalid as far as the rest of Phobos is concerned seems really off
to me. All you have to do with an ASCII-only version is make sure that you
don't pass it unicode characters. But with an Extended ASCII version, all of a
sudden you have invalid unicode sequences. The only support that Phobos gives
for non-unicode and non-ASCII encodings is std.encoding, and almost all of the
ASCII-specific stuff is in std.ascii.

The _only_ reason that I see to support this is the fact that the
implementation that we've had happens to.

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