--- Comment #10 from Jonathan M Davis <> 2012-03-11 15:33:12 
PDT ---
The fact that the version that's going away deals with a 256 element array and
therefore just so happens to work with Extended ASCII may be enough to justify
just making the new one do that as well, but I honestly, don't see Extended
ASCII as much of an argument when none of the other functions support it and
are likely to blow up if you use it. The general idea with Phobos functions is
that you will convert any non-unicode strings that you have to unicode before
processing them, and then when you're done, if you want a different encoding,
you convert it before writing it out to file or whatever you're doing with it.
It's really not the intention that Phobos in general will support non-unicode
encodings. Dealing with unicode is already complicated enough.

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