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--- Comment #7 from Nick Sabalausky <> 2012-04-09 
22:12:13 PDT ---
"So should we raise this to 'blocker'?"

I would argue "yes" since the *only* way to work around it if you can't modify
the C side is to just not use 64-bit D. So it is a blocker for 64-bit D. (And
AIUI, not all 64-bit systems are multilib, so even switching to 32 isn't always
going to be an option.) Plus, there' many people *right here* have
identified it as blocking them?

Fuck, I'm just going to go ahead and raise it to blocker. If anyone has a
problem with that they can change it back. Either way, the important thing is
for this to get fixed, not to worry about its proper classification. So I don't
know why I even wrote all this...Oh well... ;)

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