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--- Comment #9 from Jonathan M Davis <> 2012-04-10 10:11:53 
PDT ---
>  If bug preventing almost any x64 D code interconnecting with C libs is not a
> blocker, I can hardly imagine what is.

I don't know how Walter decides that sort of thing or how he treats blockers. I
believe that the worse that we normally see is critical. But this is something
which has _never_ worked, and it's in a newer feature - 64-bit code generation
- and it's something that not everyone is using. So, something which was in D
itself (as opposed to how it talks with C code) which used to work but doesn't
now could certainly be more of a blocker than this, depending on what it was.
But in general, 64-bit specific stuff is less critical in that it only affects
those using 64-bit rather than _everyone_ like many bugs do.

I would actually expect Walter to consider this critical rather than a blocker.
Certainly, if blocker indicates that something should block a release, this
isn't it, since the bug has been around for as long as dmd's 64-bit code
generation has been. But that's up to him.

Regardless, this is a huge issue, and it should probably be treated as a higher
priority than it has been, but much of what _has_ been being worked on is high
priority stuff which affects much more D code than this does, so I suppose that
it's not all that surprising that Walter hasn't gotten around to this yet.
Still, I'd hope that this would be taken care of sooner rather than later.

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