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PDT ---
In general, something which has never worked is going to be treated as less of
a priority than something which worked before and doesn't now - _especially_
when it's part of a newer feature. And this has _never_ worked correctly. And I
don't know why you would think that a C ABI issue would be more important than
an issue in D itself. As bad as this is, most D code is completely unaffected
by this. It's only once you start dealing with C and structs that it matters.

Now, why Walter hasn't this considered a high enough priority to fix it yet, I
don't know. This is clearly a serious bug, and I would have thought that he
would have made it a fairly high priority once he figured out that it was a
problem, but for whatever reason, he hasn't. There are plenty of other high
priority issues that he's been working on though - many of which have been
around much longer than this. Still, one would hope that this wouldn't languish
much longer. It's a major impedement to using 64-bit on D projects.

By the way, for those that this is actually preventing from using 64-bit dmd
and who really need it, gdc probably doesn't have this problem, since it
relates to code generation. So, you could try that while waiting for Walter to
get around to this.

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