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I don't understand. If at least it were C but java? why not D
C is *awful* as "beginner's language". never ever let people start with
C if you don't hate 'em.

as for D... current version of D can be used, but with some
precautions. we now have excellent book by Ali. (it's great, really! i
believe that it must be featured on the front dlang.org page!) but java
has alot more books and tutorials.

not that D is bad for beginners, it's just has a smaller userbase. and
all that things with "classes are reference types and structs are not",
"empty array is not empty array but is empty array" and so on D may be
confusing a little. it's good to have some CS background to understood
that things.

What you say here applies, I guess, to many other points. I applaud Ali for writing a tutorial like his but... Check it (just the first pages is enough) for literally the dozens of notions one must know and master for being able to understand, not only the features of D introduced, but even the tutorial itself. If I am not a programmer, and one who knows other static langs, and better of the mainstream procedural paradigm, if not D itself, then I do not understand more than few isolated words here and there. We are blind to the huge pile of concepts we know, I guess, because we know them, thus take them for granted...


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