On 21/09/2016 3:01 AM, Darren wrote:
Hey, all

I keep hitting roadblocks and that's mainly due to not knowing how to
include libraries.  So far I've been getting by with downloading .dll's
and including the necessary dependencies in the dub.json file and having
that build/run my project.  I'm sure I'm making a mess of that, too, but
it works and now I need to learn how to include static libraries (and
probably understand github and other dub features).

Right now, for example, I want to use the gl3n package:

What do I need in order to build libraries, and have dub include them
when I import modules?   Can I keep all of the libraries in one place so
I'm not copy-pasting them (like in lib and bin folders that I keep seeing)?

As you can tell, I'm still very new to all of this and I have no idea
where to start.  Thank you for your time!

Ok lets start at the very beginning with straight dmd.

You have a total of two things you can pass in, an import directory and source files. Source files are compiled in and import directories are basically a way to tell the compiler that certain symbols can exist but it won't create them.

Now from this you abstract away into dependencies such as packages / subpackages. This is where dub comes in, it will fetch (known) projects with dub definition files (dub.json/sdl), place them into a folder under your profile directory and allow you to build against them and automatically provide them as import directories as required.

So how do you do that? Simple.

"dependencies": {
        "mypackage": ">=0.0.0"

Inside of a dub.json file (sdl is a little different check code.dlang.org for more help on the subject).

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