On Wednesday, 21 September 2016 at 16:23:35 UTC, Darren wrote:
Also I've been making a bit of a mess in dub apparently. I'm getting:

Locally registered package gl3n ~master was not found. Please run "dub remove-local C:\Users\Darren\D stuff\opengl\lib".

whenever dub gets used. Then if I run what it says I get: "Missing path to package."

Is there a way to return this to a default setting?

If you have not changed anything in the dub.json file, then run "dub build" to rebuild the packages OR try clearing the dub cache and rebuild.

I'm not really familiar with C++ - D bindings (I never wrote C++ code beyond printing a helloworld to the screen). The How To tutorials at https://wiki.dlang.org/Tutorials may help you with bindings and linking process.

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