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Ok lets start at the very beginning...

I think I need to start before that, haha.

I might need more of a step-by-step guide. I'm a complete beginner to programming, not just D. I worked through Programming in D, where I was just compiling with dmd, then when I decided to learn OpenGL I seem to be using dub for everything.

There have been a few libraries I've wanted to use but couldn't because they didn't have a pre-compiled binary, which is all I've been able to get working through sheer trial and error. Some sites say to use things like CMake and cygwin, but I'm uncomfortable using things I have no idea about.

Dub is like a package manager for D (like what npm is to node.js). All dub libraries are hosted at code.dlang.org. When you see a library at code.dlang.org you want to use, you could either type "dub install packagename" whilst in the dub project ROOT or specify dependencies in the dub.json file. You can then run "dub run" which will take care of fetching and building dependencies/libraries from code.dlang.org (including linking and running the binary).

For example, there is a web framework called vibe.d. If I want to use vide.d, I can specify dependencies as;

dependencies: {

In my app.d file (which is available for any dub project created using "dub init projectname") I can import vibe.d using;

import vide.d;
void main() {

I can now compile and run the program with "dub run" or "dub build" to only build and link without running.

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