Hi e-y-e,

The main problem with D for production is its runtime. GC, DRuntime, Phobos is big constraint for real world software production.

Good D code should be nothrow, @nogc, and betterC. BetterC means that it must not require DRuntime to link and to start. I started Mir as scientific/numeric project, but it is going to be a replacement for Phobos to use D instead/with of C/C++.

For example, Mir CPUID, Mir GLAS, Mir Random are nothrow @nogc and do not need DRuntime to start/link. (Mir Random is not tested for BetterC, so maybe few dependencies are exist.) Mir Random covers C++11 random number generation for example.

If D code can be compiled into a common C libraries like Mir libs, than you can include it into existing ecosystem. Currently it is possible only with LDC (requires some programming techniques for now).

I will be happy to see more Mir contributors [1]

Currently there are 5 Mir devs (not all are visible publicly).

[1] https://github.com/libmir


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