On Sunday, 6 August 2017 at 06:26:57 UTC, David J Kordsmeier wrote:
Also, why I don't look at LDC further, I think RAM on the embedded devices is still pretty skimpy, Raspi3 only has 1GB ram. It's not great for compiling with the LLVM-based things and probably run OOM. Other devices I have only have 512MB ram. So gcc is usually fine in these circumstances.

Don't know about gdc, but ldc is close (most of the listed upstream PRs are merged):


As for memory, ldc can be used to cross-compile from a more capable machine, the official builds all ship with the AArch64 backend enabled now:


The next ldc beta will ship with a build tool that lets you easily compile or cross-compile the stdlib yourself, so you can generate the stdlib for AArch64 even if it isn't provided:


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