On Wednesday, 9 August 2017 at 08:37:53 UTC, Johannes Pfau wrote:

Iain recently updated GDC & phobos up to 2.074 and we have a pull request for 2.075. So don't worry about fixing old GDC phobos/druntime versions, recent gdc git branches should already have AArch64 phobos changes.

We have a test runner for AArch and GDC master here: https://buildbot.dgnu.org/#/builders/2/builds/29

There are still some failing test suite tests though and AFAICS we currently don't build phobos on that CI at all.

(We can run ARM/AArch tests without special hardware, thanks to
QEMU's user mode emulation)

-- Johannes

Thanks both for the reply. I'll be interested to try both gdc and the ldc cross compiler options.

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