On Saturday, 5 August 2017 at 20:56:10 UTC, Mike Wey wrote:
On 05-08-17 20:14, Johnson Jones wrote:
When trying to center the window. If one uses ALWAYS_CENTERED any resizing of the window is totally busted. CENTER also does not work. move(0,0) seems to not be relative to the main display. I'd basically like to center the window on the main display or at least be able to set coordinates properly. Windows sets (0,0) to be the lower left corner of the main display I believe. What happens is that the gtk window, when using 0,0 actually is like -1000,0 or something in windows coordinates and ends up on my secondary monitor.

When the app starts there's no taskbar icon. Luckily I still have the console shown but Eventually I'll need the taskbar. I'm not setting skipTaskBarHint, but I have tried both true and false without any difference.

gtk.Widget.translateCoordinates or gtk.Fixed could be useful for positioning the widgets.

Windows will only show the taskbar icon if you are not running the application from the console.

Is there a way to get it to show up or have it correlate with the console's taskbar? What I'm finding is that if the window has no title bar(maximized) and/or behind other windows I have to do some window juggling to find it. I need the console for debugging.

I could probably set the project as win32 and then create a console manually if necessary but seems to be overkill for something relatively basic.

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