On Friday, 23 February 2018 at 01:54:07 UTC, Leonardo wrote:
Hi, I'm new to language and games.
Many people say that GC is bad and can slow down your project in some moments. What can happen if I create a game using D without worrying with memory management?
(using full GC)

Most people who say GC isn't suitable for games are overreacting. D gives you some ways to avoid GC in many cases. People make games in languages like Java, where you can't avoid GC for even the smallest allocations. Especially for 2D games, which just don't have much going on on the screen, you won't be bothered by GC.

Even for 3D, as long as you're not making the next Call of Duty, GC shouldn't be a blocker for you. However, you might want to avoid too many allocations, just as you'd do in any other GC language (and non-GC ones too actually). For example, when doing particle emitters, allocating thousands of particles per frame is a bad idea, you'd rather want to use an object pool pattern ( http://www.gameprogrammingpatterns.com/object-pool.html ) - for example preallocate an array of 1000 particles, and when a particle dies, instead of allocating a new one, just reset the values of the one that died with the new one.

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