On Thursday, 12 April 2018 at 15:38:34 UTC, Chris Katko wrote:
I googled but couldn't find any clear solution.

I've got a 2-D array of strings read from a text file I parsed. So it's like

0 1 15 0 0
2 12 1 0 0
0 1 0 10 0

They come in with spaces, so I join into an array between them. But then the last ones have a newline \n on the end, which explodes the to! type conversion.

If it was a single array, I could simply do:

string [25] test;

  test.each((ref n) => n.stripRight());

But how do you do that when it's a 2-D array?

I'm looking not just for this case, but the generate case of iterating / applying filters to 2-D arrays.


I think something like this would work:

test.each((ref s) => s.each((ref n) => n.stripRight()));

Essentially, get each 1D array from the 2D array, and then apply the algorithms on that. There's probably a better way though

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