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I don't do any sort of Android development, so I've never tested any Derelict packages on the platform. A few years back someone did some work with the DerelictGLES binding on Android and IIRC I made some updates to the DerelictUtil package for it. And I've added some version statements to DerelictSDL2 for the Android-specific parts of the C headers. Beyond that, I don't know of anyone who's done anything with it.

so sad...

There's nothing sad about it. There's only so much time in a day. I have no reason to do any Android development. Nor iPhone development. Nor countless other platforms.

The static binding configuration (see the docs [1]) *should* work for Android and will save you the time of implementing the bindings yourself. If you can compile DerelictSDL2 for Android using the DerelictSDL2_Static version, then link it and SDL2 with your app, it should work. All I'm saying is I've never tried it and I know of no one who has. If it works for you, or you can get it working, then we can tell the next person who comes along that it does work.

[1] http://derelictorg.github.io/packages/sdl2/

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