On Friday, 31 May 2019 at 18:47:06 UTC, Obsidian Jackal wrote:
I'm new to D and want to create GTK+ apps. I have Visual Studio, Glade, the Gtk+ runtime, DMD, and DUB installed. What steps, guides, or advice should I follow to be able to be able to use these tools together to make a sane app?.

I wrote some D code that parses a glade interface file and converts it in to easily accessible D code.

You use the ID field in glade to specify the D object name.

Go to github's gtkD to find a reference to it in issues. It's not perfect and might require a little work figuring it out but it works out nice once you get it set up.

It's basically used like

class App : GtkBase!("Interface.Glade")

and then App will have all the objects ID's as objects.

e.g., if you have a label in the glade interface with ID label, then


is the gtkD object for that label.

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