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I spent many time to searching for find a solutions. Many posts not clearly or tell like brief. :(

I tried "Microsoft C/C++(ms-vscode.cpptools)" and "Native Debug (webfreak.debug )" plugin. And I found this post: https://forum.dlang.org/post/jxnnfzjsytoneqvxe...@forum.dlang.org
Yeah, "Native Debug" is not work on windows.

I guess, can only use a GDB with "Microsoft C/C++(ms-vscode.cpptools)" for debug on windows. But I can't find setup guide for D clearly.

I use the Microsoft plugin and it was working out of the box. There was no D specific setting to be done but as far as I remember just setting the executable file path in the debug json file.

The only thing you have to take care of: with older versions of Dub, the executable has OMF architecture, recent versions of dub defaults to COFF (64 bit). Out of the box debugging works only for COFF.

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