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I spent many time to searching for find a solutions. Many posts not clearly or tell like brief. :(

I tried "Microsoft C/C++(ms-vscode.cpptools)" and "Native Debug (webfreak.debug )" plugin. And I found this post: https://forum.dlang.org/post/jxnnfzjsytoneqvxe...@forum.dlang.org
Yeah, "Native Debug" is not work on windows.

I guess, can only use a GDB with "Microsoft C/C++(ms-vscode.cpptools)" for debug on windows. But I can't find setup guide for D clearly.

You can use visual studio (works in 2019, havent tried earlier versions) to debug any exe you want. You do this...

Go to File menu, then Open, then Project/Solution

Make sure "all project files" is selected, then find the exe you want to debug, click Open.

Now you can debug that exe inside Visual Studio (as long as its been compiled with debug info) You can also save the solution so next time you just open the solution and you're ready to debug.

You can drop source files into visual studio and set breakpoints, but it will also automatically pull up the source when it hits an exception. Although you might need adjust VS settings so it breaks on all exceptions IIRC... explains how on this page...


Its pretty much all working, except you cant see dynamic array contents and occasionally it steps a line out of sync.

I never managed to get any debugger working in VSCode. But this way you get the Visual Studio debugger which as good as it gets, and its just a couple of clicks away.

Oh I'm using LDC to compile so I'm not sure how well it works with DMD, haven't tried, but should work the same I imagine.

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