On 7/14/2016 6:26 AM, Chris wrote:
Now, now. Where's your sense of humor?

The thing is, he's just here to troll us. His posts all follow the same pattern of relentlessly finding nothing good whatsoever in D, and we're all idiots. There's no evidence he's ever written a line of D, his examples are pulled out of context from other posts. I don't believe he's ever read the D spec. Whenever he loses a point, he reframes and tries to change the context.

He's never contributed a single line of code, nor submitted a single bug report, nor any proposals. His criticisms are always non-specific and completely unactionable. Trying to engage him in a productive discussion inevitably turns into an endless, fruitless, utterly meaningless thread, likely because he doesn't actually know anything about D beyond bits and pieces gleaned from other ng postings.

It's sad, considering that he's obviously knowledgeable about the academic end of CS and could be a valuable contributor. But he chooses this instead.

As for me, I've decided to put him in my killfile. He's the only one in 15 years to earn that honor.

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