On Monday, 17 October 2016 at 08:20:23 UTC, Kagamin wrote:
On Wednesday, 12 October 2016 at 10:34:52 UTC, Era Scarecrow wrote:
Maybe it would be better for random number generation rather than secure encryption? Not sure.

It's used in windows CRNG to compute a big hash of big amount of entropy.

BTW if you encrypt something twice, isn't it decryption?

No, not unless they are mapped in a way where x becomes y, and y becomes x. Like ROT13, that would result in decryption as encryption, or if the XOR is used twice then it's decryption or redundant.

Trust me what I'm doing is considerably more complex, encrypting multiple times won't get you the original value (for a very very long time, unless you have a very poor set of RNG inputs)

You know I can't help but remember the last time I got into encryption with Semeir, where it would create a number of circular chains of different lengths and then the rotation of where it would move to for encrypting would change based on not only the last character it encrypted but how far along in the stream it was. (Originally stream encryption, not block encryption). Alas breaking large data down into smaller and larger blocks (6 bit, 12 bit, 20 bit, etc) and encrypting each with a different set of keys was... time consuming, and it really was over my head... I doubt anyone uses it, although if they do I can almost guarantee no one can break it due to it's obscureness :P

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