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Convenience, to me, is one-click downloading from the home page, one click installation, and full IDE support akin to what Apple, Microsoft and any other behemoth has done for their language. The language has nothing to do with it. D can't even remotely compete with these languages in terms of convenience. It needs a new slogan, and it can't get one until it knows what it is. Here's a suggestion: "A Language for Programmers". It would obviously need to be vetted by the big wigs, but from my perspective, it's already a real brand without any extra work. I wonder if they'll agree with me?

pgModeler (for postgres) sells the binaries for a small price.
The source code is GPL so it is available in linux distributions.


Text from their website:

"pgModeler is an open source software and you can get its source code anytime if you want to compile it for yourself. As a facility, we provide compiled binary packages at a really small price. Also, if you're interested in evaluate a binary package, you can get a demo copy before proceed with the purchase. Since this is an independent project by purchasing any binary package you'll help to keep its development alive and at full speed! "

There you go, full speed.

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