On Sunday, 4 February 2018 at 08:26:54 UTC, Joakim wrote:

I don't think it affects them much, as none of the motivations above would be hurt by paid contributors. If anything, it _increases_ their drive, as they have a lot more OSS code to work on with mixed codebases.

Well, it's not clear cut, that is for sure, but, I remain concerned that this increasing move towards monetary contributions for participating in open source communities, will result in fewer contributors (i.e the more time a person has to dedicate, the more skilled they are, the more likely they'll be the one being paid - leaving all those other contributers at the mercy of the contributions from those paid contributors. Then the 'community' aspect of open source is lost.

Sure, you can distrubute the same poison that corporations drink, and give it to the masses.. but guess what will happen... in the long run that is.

I would prefer to see a future where money was NOT the primary motivating force... - because that is how open source communities came about, in the first place.

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