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> Been there, done that, put enormous work into it, a TON of arguing
> to 
> little avail, found the code architecture difficult to work with,
> and 
> ultimately my merged PRs barely made a dent at solving my issues.
> Gave 
> up. I'm convinced the problems with dub are fundamental and often 
> philosophical.

The vocal minority of the moment is very anti-Dub as build tool, hence
Atila wrote Reggae, and may put renewed effort into D support for
SCons, CMake, and Meson.

To have the debate now is different to having the debate then. Then
there was no data, just effort that created Dub, Dub was the only
constructive activity at the time. 

Now we have a package system, that perhaps needs evolution, Dub as a
build system, plus further work on SCons, CMake, Meson, the creation of
Reggae, and Cargo which proves that what Dub was trying to do is not

> After my experience tring to improve dub, I'm 100% convinced what we 
> need is a package manager designed from the ground up to NOT be
> anything 
> but a package manager.

Given Cargo is that actually true?

It is though a crucial question, along with, should the D community
line up behind Reggae as a build framework?

Clearly SCons, CMake, and Meson will continue to be there, but efforts
to evolve them could be redirected in a combined effort to create a
better standard system.

Whilst Cargo is the Rust default system, many use it just for package
management, not as a build system – though I don't I just use Cargo.

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