On Monday, 23 October 2017 at 18:18:28 UTC, Jacob Carlborg wrote:
On 2017-10-23 17:35, Joakim wrote:

I'm sure someone could put these together if the above stuff worked. The question is who's interested in volunteering to help put this all together?

Yeah, exactly. My plate if already full and all this is lower down on the priority list.

Yuxuan Shui has ported druntime to Musl over the last couple months:


With his changes, all druntime unit tests pass, now only a few asserts tripping in the additional tests for shared libraries. I added a couple more tweaks to get all but one of the Phobos unit tests passing too.

With a last tiny patch to add a command-line flag to dmd to easily use this port- already added to the latest ldc 1.8 beta, though it doesn't have all the druntime support: https://github.com/ldc-developers/ldc/pull/2373 - anyone can use D with Alpine/Musl containers for microservices.

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