Now that I got your attention:

tl;dr: A trivial piece of code, written as ostensibly "idiomatic D" with
std.algorithm and std.range templates, compiles *an order of magnitude*
slower than the equivalent hand-written loop.  The way the compiler
compiles templates needs some serious improvement.

(And this is why our current fast-fast-fast slogan annoys me so much.
One can argue that it's misleading advertising, given that what's
considered "idiomatic D", using features like templates and generic code
that's highly-touted as D's strong points, compiles a whole order of
magnitude slower than C-style D.  Makes me cringe every time I hear
"fast code, fast". Our old slogan is a much more accurate description of
the current state of things.)


Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater. Use your hands...

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