On 02/23/2018 11:57 AM, Kagamin wrote:

Bold and italic is a wrong way to format text because it's visual formatting that lacks semantic.

Bleh. That's actually my #1 favortie example for how the web world has gone completely, utterly insane.

For one thing, bold and italic have *always* carried a semantic meaning of "emplasis". That's the whole fucking reason anyone *ever* used bold or italic in the first place. (Well, that, and to turn late-90's emails and web pages into eye-cancer - which is exactly what happends when you treat "bold" and "italic" as instances of "style" instead of "emphasis").

Secondly, when has anybody EVER come up with a legitimate, practical application for programatically determining the emphasised portions of a sentence? Not even the content-thief sites can make any use out of THAT psuedo-"semantic web" clue.

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