On Friday, 23 February 2018 at 18:51:45 UTC, Biocyberman wrote:
I think it has much to do with setting expectation right. Haven't used dfeed, I had trouble understanding dlang's forum but much less trouble with others.

Well... D users will reach a some critical mass, at some point, whereby things will certainly change, and the main discussions will then be going on elsewhere - cause this whole 'tied to NNTP' thing is kinda backwards, for 21st century.

Till then, we have what we have.

As for editing, I've always though a git like change log would be great, so you can edit as much as you want, and your editing history is there for all to see, so that it can't be abused.

Pictures would be so nice.

Code formatting would be really nice.

Theme's would be nice (I'm fed up with bright white backgrounds!)

Lot's of other stuff that most new comers would expect ...

But all that and more, will only come in some different forum .. not this one.

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