On Friday, February 23, 2018 18:56:29 Biocyberman via Digitalmars-d wrote:
> We may need a survey to have a good overview about users opinions.
> Speaking on behalf of myself, after additional inputs from many
> excellent and respectful users in this 'forum'. I can say that, on the
> scale of 1 (least geeky) to 10 (most geeky), I would put forum.dlang.org
> to the level 8 of geekiness required to use the forum. It may be natural
> for long-time users, but for newcomers, it is very challenging.

I don't understand this at all. The web interface is extremely simple.
You're just reading and writing plain text like you would in an e-mail
client that wasn't using html. There aren't complicated controls to learn.
You just read and type. No, you can't format your text in fancy ways using a
rich text interface, but that doesn't make it any harder to read and write
text. And the interface really isn't all that different from your typical
web forum, many of which don't provide any rich text editing capabilities
beyond putting a piece of text in italics or bold.

I'm sorry if the web interface does not fit your vision of a what a web
forum should look like, but I don't understand how you can argue that it's
hard to use. It just lacks some of the fancier features that some other
forum software has. You can choose to use it or not, but plenty of folks use
the web interface with no problems, and they're not all hardcore

- Jonathan M Davis

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