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On Saturday, 7 April 2018 at 16:52:00 UTC, Patrick Schluter wrote:
The odd man out is C++ [1], assignment has higher precedence because of right to left evaluation.

Your reference [1] is not even a witness to your claim. The precedence table says that the "Ternary conditional" has the *same* precedence as the "Direct Assigment", namely "16".

You may find an in-depth discussion of the C++ case in


My formulation was ambiguous, it is the same precedence as the link says. The link also says that's it's right to left evaluation. This means that for expression:

    a ? b = c : d = e;

right to left evaluation will make the = e assignment higher priority than the b = c assignment or the ternary even if they have the same priority level. The operative word was the right to left but granted I could have formulated it better.

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