Hello all! I am a Computer Science undergraduate student. Currently a junior, I find the idea of 're-implementing software building blocks like malloc and free in D' listed in the wiki page of SAOC(Symmetry Autumn of Code) quite interesting.

I don't have experience of coding in D however, I have 4 years of coding in C++ and have a good hold on pointers and the standard template library. I have also successfully completed a course of Operating Systems and Data Structures in my 4th semester. I believe I can pick up D in due course of time.

I had few queries regarding the same and would be glad if anyone could pitch in to help me out.

1. If it would have been C++, the above can be implemented by using the mmap() syscall to allocate memory from the heap. However, something that I am not able to understand in the idea description is 'runtime hooks'.

2. Also as far as I can understand, this idea is about implementing the above from scratch, and not tweaking the existing codebase. Do let me know if I am wrong.

Thank you for your time!

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