Hey Jared,

nice you want to add another package manager to PyBOMBS. I recently
added portage package manager  to PyBOMBS.

Based on your output these lines [0] give a clue what's happening.
I'd guess your functions do not properly report the installation status
back to PyBOMBS.Therefore PyBOMBS keeps trying to install wget with
every possible package manager left.


PyBOMBS.PackageManager - DEBUG - Using packager zypper
PyBOMBS.Packager.zypper - OBNOXIOUS - install(wget,
PyBOMBS.ReqScanner - OBNOXIOUS - Adding package with name wget
PyBOMBS.ReqScanner - OBNOXIOUS - End of requirements list
PyBOMBS.ReqScanner - OBNOXIOUS - Done parsing requirements
string `wget`
PyBOMBS.Packager.zypper - OBNOXIOUS - Calling ev for recursive
satisfier rule evaluation
PyBOMBS.Packager.zypper - DEBUG - Package wget has version
1.18-2.2                                  in zypper
PyBOMBS.monitor_process() - DEBUG - Running with elevated
PyBOMBS._process_thread() - DEBUG - Executing command `['sudo',
'-H', 'zypper', 'install', '-y', 'wget']'
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...
'wget' is already installed.
No update candidate for 'wget-1.18-2.2.x86_64'. The highest available
version is already installed.
Resolving package dependencies...

Nothing to do.
PyBOMBS.monitor_process() - DEBUG - Thread signaled termination
or returned
PyBOMBS.monitor_process() - DEBUG - Return value: 0
PyBOMBS.PackageManager - INFO - getattr(zypper,
install)(Recipe: wget
category: baseline

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