Hello everyone,

I am working on a project where I am using radars to measure distance/range
from one point to another (with relatively high range resolution - range of
centimeters or even millimeters).

I found the gr-radar (https://github.com/kit-cel/gr-radar/) module for GNU
radio, which already has some implemented radar techniques, the most
promising for me would be the FMCW radar. But the github repository was not
updated in years, so I am asking you guys if some of you may know some
alternatives for GNU radio (googling radar gnuradio was not so successful)
or maybe anyone has already worked with gr-radar.

Now what exactly is my problem - I managed to get the gr-radar - FMCW
working on one USRP B210 (with TX/RX and RX2 using omnidirectional
antennas). I was playing around with modifying some of the variables but I
am still not getting useful range data (mostly it is constant, even if
moving both of the antennas for a few meters or putting some obstacles in
between). Modifying the samp_rate or sweep_freq, and others (samp_cw,
samp_up, samp_down) has also not given me useful results.

Perhaps I am doing something wrong and not understanding the theoretical
principles about radars/signal processing or maybe the FMCW flowgraph is
not implemented correctly? I also have to mention here that author (on
github) only tested the FMCW flowgraph in the simulation (which works ok),
but not on the hardware.

Thanks for your help.

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