On 01/12/16 12:06, David Chisnall wrote:
> On 1 Dec 2016, at 07:43, Steven R. Baker <ste...@stevenrbaker.com> wrote:
>> I would like to add an additional concern. I know that LLVM and clang are 
>> the new hotness, but they're de facto owned by Apple now. It won't be long 
>> before there are new and hot features that are in Apple's own version of 
>> LLVM, and it'll be very desirable to depend on these new and hot features.
> This is simply not true.  Apple’s contributions, as a percentage of the 
> total, have been decreasing for the last five years.  It’s been several years 
> since they were responsible for over 50% of total development and they’re not 
> even the largest single contributor anymore (Google is).  Apple’s release 
> process for LLVM is to fork at a point from svn head, run a bunch of 
> additional tests, and backport any fixes from a specific branch.  This code 
> then appears on opensource.apple.com - occasionally it includes a few hacky 
> fixes for issues on Darwin that they haven’t upstreamed because upstream 
> won’t accept it until they tidy it up and do it properly.
It might not be true today. But at some point, Apple will see fit to not
give back a feature. A feature that people will depend on.

We've all seen this happen *many* times. And we'll see it again. And
some people will act surprised.


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