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Lars Sonchocky-Helldorf wrote:
you might be interested in this: mulle-objc is a new way to run Objective-C 
code on various platforms, based on a new compiler and a new runtime.


some more background information is available here:


nice news and nice work! Wonderful that somebody still has interest in Objective-C.

I see interesting choices in your runtine... It looks mostly an evolutive step of classic Objective-C without the uglyness of Objective-C 2.0 which then became Swift and which took the verve away from Objective.C You decided not to pursue the horrible dot notation, for example. It looks something linke version 1.5, although that would mean an intermediate step: better another name, since it will never become 2.0, but more a parallel, different direction.

I wonder whom it should appeal? Old-timers like me stick with obj-c "classic" to be able to be compiler-independent and because it is essentially enough. I'd like "new" things, but those would be quite hard to do and would perhaps need both a new runtime and a new Foundation (e.g. I'd like to use inegtral types as real objects, so not to have to convert from and to when using NSArrays, more small-talk essentially. Those instead who love(d) Obj-C 2.0 either stick with it or jumped to Swift because they just like the latest thing

Anyway, interesting news!


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