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> > Am 23.11.2019 um 23:33 schrieb Sergii Stoian <stoyan...@gmail.com>:
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> >> I havent tried in the last weeks/months, but the last release worked.
> Of course, it has all specific "issues" of art which where never solved.
> But it is faster for certain operations and curves and anti-aliasing are
> exquisite. Using Graphos on art is a delight.
> >>
> > What do you mean by “worked”? I observed incomplete words in menus and
> popup buttons. Incorrect alignment of items in popup buttons - I suppose
> it’s due to incorrect lengthOfString results. Also I suppose I’ve found
> cause of a problem - NSStringDrawing caching methods rewrite by Fred. But I
> can’t understand what changes must be applied to ART backend to adopt new
> caching algorithm.
> I am willing to help here if you could pinpoint the issue a bit down.
> Which commit are you talking about and in which situations does it show?
> The last time I used the art backend I did not see any issues. But I must
> confess I only checked with Ink.
> I've made some screenshots with 0.27 version of GUI and Back (please see
attachments) to illustrate some inconsistencies.
FontPreferencesPopUp and LocalizationPreferences-* illustrate NSPopUpButton
text drawing.
WorkspaceMenu+HelpPanel illustrates - i guess - related problem:
"Workspace" menu lacks border at the right side.
The other problem is with my custom HelpPanel that contains NSMatrix with
index list (note selection offset).
Plus (it's hard to make screenshot of insertion point) in NXTHelpPanel's
NSTextField insertion point drawn shifted at 20-30 pixels to the right
until there's no entered text.

Now I'm using 0.25 version of GUI and Back - all works correcly.
Somewhere between 0.25 and 0.25.1 of GUI NSStringDrawing was massively
changed by you. Do you know what is the cause of these inconsistencies?

Sergii Stoian,
ProjectCenter lead developer
NEXTSPACE owner, lead developer

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