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> A possible compromise???: move all (I mean ALL) non native formats to
> the Export menu and let save/save as for the native formats only.
> Also, disable the possibility to change the default format for saving
> documents: in my experience on forums, many problems are fixed when
> you explain users that it is not good idea to use ms formats to
> _store_ files, that they need to use ODF to store and export only when
> needed.

There are still people who can actually use OOo instead of MSO,
because of the option to change the default format.

I would suggest the following instead. Support OOXML completely, but
when the user saves his/her document in a proprietary format display a
confirmation message which says something like: "You are saving your
file in a proprietary format. We cannot guarantee that the file will
still open correctly in another program. Please use an open file
format for saving your document if possible. Are you still sure you
wish to save in the current format?" And display a checkbox below that
can disable the message, or maybe add a note "You can disable this
message by going to Options->....." and have no checkbox at all. And
the message would appear by default even for the binary MS formats
(.doc, .xls, .ppt, ...).

MS Office does the same thing when saving in ODF format, and they seem
to lack an option to disable the message, even when the document to be
saved uses only features that are completely supported by ODF.

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