If I use MBBC/username, the authentication does NOT go through. If I just
use username, it goes through, albeit with a delay. Successful
authentication or not, there's a delay at Step 2.

Is it possible that Authoxy is not reading my "bypass these domains"
settings (one of which is 10.2.0.*) in the Network control panel for part of
Step 2, and it's waiting for some non-essential connection (DNS?) to occur,
and when the connection times out (120 seconds), it just proceeds on with a
successful proxy connection? My DNS server is (specifically entered
in my Network control panel), and the proxy server is My sysadmin
said it sounded like a possible DNS server timeout.

It's curious that almost anything entered in the NTLM window for Domain
(even something nonsense like "lklkjlkj") will still allow a successful
proxy connection, as long as it's not blank. If Domain _is_ blank, I get "No
authentication challenge in NTLM authentication Step 4. Giving up."
Host/workstation seems totally irrelevant, whether blank or not blank.

OK that's enough sleuthing for today, gotta get back to work.


On 9/12/04 5:48 AM, "bruce" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Using Safari, the girls at our school have to login using the following
> format,
> WindowsDomainName/UserName
> password
> Is this the format that you are using?

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