Further to this problem:

Browser (Safari in this case) posts NSURLErrorDomain =-1011 and Authoxy log Feb 
 3 11:19:19 : Fatal Error: unable to create shared memory



On Thursday, February 03, 2005, at 11:06AM, Steve Hodson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 

>   I've been using Authoxy for some time here at work, where almost everything 
> is MS based including our procy server. In the past I had occasional problem 
> with pages not being served and the web browser giving an error..I would then 
> have to reboot because no combination of stop/start authoxy, log in or log 
> out or changing locations and then back again would get the proxy to serve me 
> pages again. Later versions of authoxy 3.11, 3.12 seemed to be better in this 
> regards, killing and re-spawning threads seemed to work. Now it's gone back 
> to the old behaviour...I can get anywhere from 5 to 30 mins working and then 
> *boom*.
> It is conceivable that our IT dept upgraded the server and there are version 
> issues (e.g. a timeout maybe) Has anyone else encountered this and found a 
> possible solution?
>Stuck using Mac IE 5.xx right now and none of the other internet apps work 
>without Authoxy working well.
>i wish Apple would build an NTLM auth module into the OS...Mac is practically 
>useless without Authoxy.

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